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MFS Series 256 conventional panel, it is a single wire communication panel with the zone capacity of 18nos. This panel is generally used in residential, commercial and industrial area. The panel can be installed   with Modular unit on each zone. Also, we can connect 25 detectors on each modular.

CONV. 256

    • Size: L 250 mm*H 220mm*W 70mm
    • Weight : 3.500Kg
    • DC supply: 24 V
    • Zone  capacity: 24 NOS
    • Silent Key:   To turn OFF siren sound. Press the ‘SILENT’ button and after pressing that key the red LED near to ‘SILENT’ button will be ON and siren sound will be OFF.
    • Reset Key:     To reset the entire system.
    • Test Key:   To test the working condition of control panel whether it is in working condition or not. After pressing Test key, the siren connected to all modular will be ON.
    • All Call:    This key is used to test all Speakers of talkback sequentially, whether it is in working condition or not.
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