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MS DSCP modular is an emergency alerting device which can be activated by pressing a “PRESS HERE ” on its front side. The call point once activated can be reset by pressing “RESET” . It is designed to use with Digital Storage control panel.  The zone modular allow to connect hotter to produce alerting sound and zone to connect detector on that particular zone. In each modular we can connect 5 MCPs and 20 Detectors. In modular there are four pins are used, two pins for power supply and two for data cable


    • Panel Size: L 120 mm*H 90 mm*W 45 mm
    • Panel Weight : 100 grm
    • Power Supply : 24 V DC
    • Zone capacity : 20 Zone (Detector)
  • The Modular shows following indication :

    •  Fire: If the detector  is in fire mode then this indication will ON . 
    • NAC short : If the hooter connection is short then this indication will ON .

    NAC open : If the hooter line is open or disconnected with modular then this indication will ON . 

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