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Two zone conventional fire alarm panel is compatible with 40 detector i.e. 20 detector per zone. These panel are specially designed to meet the latest market requirement and current as wll as future. Conventional fire alarm panels are ideal for small building, such as individual office or retail shops. This is zone addressable fire alarm panel which is compressively design. Main panel can be connected with repeater panel by using RS 485. This panel has inbuilt buzzer with 24 v hooter. In this panel 16*2 LCD is used for visual indication.

The extra feature in our system is, the fired detected zone number will display on LCD display with particular LED.


    • Panel Size: L 325 mm*H 250 mm*W 90 mm
    • Panel Weight : 2 Kg
    • Power Supply : 24 V DC (SMPS)
    • Zone capacity : 2 Zone
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